Bin cleaning process

Wheeliewash are licensed by the Water Corporation of WA and operate under the strict guidelines of the Environmental and Health Department.

Our bin cleaning process is thorough, as detailed in the steps below, and we make sure that we do it to your satisfaction.

Wheeliewash arrive at your residence or business by 5pm on the day your wheelie bin is emptied by the garbage truck.

Your bin is then mounted on our truck and thoroughly pressure cleaned on the outside removing all those nasty creepy crawly spiders, cockroaches and cobwebs…erghhhh!!

The inside is high pressure cleaned and thoroughly rinsed with a "Hospital Grade disinfectant", eradicating nasty smells, germs and bacteria.

Because all the dirty water is collected on our truck, we leave no mess on the street or bad smells behind.

Once back on the ground, the inside of your bin is thoroughly dried with a soft mop to prevent puddles.

Finally, a spice fresh deodoriser is applied and your great smelling bin is wheeled back to its designated area.