Q and A

Answers to some questions we at Wheeliewash are regularly asked...

Q    Why should I have my bin cleaned?

A    The household wheeliebin is certainly the most unhygienic item at the home and is the final stop for all our family, animal and garden waste. Therefore, inside a wheeliebin, bacteria and germs can double every 20 minutes if not properly cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. We do not just clean your bin, we disinfect it and deodorise it with fully biodegradable, hospital grade cleaning products and provide you with the peace of mind that your bin is left hygienically clean by eradicating both the harmful germs and those nasty smells that not only linger but attracts flies and other unwanted visitors, thereby protecting either your home or your business.

Q    Do you clean the outside too?

A    Yes, we also pay special attention to under the rim and around the wheels removing all cobwebs and spiders and other unwanted creepy crawlies... ergghhhhh!!

Q    Where do you clean our Bin and where does the dirty water go?

A    Your bin is cleaned on our specially designed truck that is fitted with a waste water tank with inbuilt filter system that collects all the dirty water. The dirty water is then safely disposed of into an industrial waste water location where all the waste water will be recycled. On this note, wheeliewash are licensed by the Water Corp WA and operate within the strict guidelines of the Environmental and Health Department.

Q    Can we pay as we go, every clean for instance?

A    Because of the sheer volume of bins we clean, sorry no. The amount of time it would take to organise both monthly payment reminders and collections, wouldn't leave us much time to actually clean your bin! It is for this very reason we offer convenient payment options of either once or twice yearly to continue keeping our prices low, whilst still keeping our quality of service high.

Q    Do you offer single bin cleans?

A    Single bin cleans are available and prices are on request. Prices vary between $15 and $30 depending on condition!!

Q    Can I have my bin cleaned less than once every 4 weeks? Once every 12 weeks for instance?

A    Our prices are based on your bin regularly being cleaned and sanitised every 4 weeks, with the exception of public and personal holidays. If we don't get to clean your bin for 12 weeks it will naturally take a lot longer than our prices have allowed for.

Q    Do we have to be home to get our bin cleaned?

A    No! Wheeliewash will arrive at your residence or business, monthly, by 5pm on the day that the bin gets emptied by the garbage truck. All we ask is you leave your bin out and empty till then!

Q    How do I know when you've cleaned my bin and how often?

A    Not only will your bin look better it will also smell a lot fresher. Your bin will be cleaned every 4 weeks, weather and holidays permitting.