Miscellaneous information:

Please fill in your contact details in the form below. For the type of bin clean that you would like to order, in the Message box type A, B, C or D (which are the codes that relate to our prices shown below): 

We will clean your bin every 4 weeks...12 times (includes one FREE clean) at a cost of:

A -- $96 for one bin (use code A)
B -- $168 for two bins (use code B)


We will clean your bin 6 times (6 cleans) at a cost of:

C -- $54 for one bin (use code C)
D -- $96 for two bins (use code D)

Following this, press Enter and type in the Day and approximate Time your bin is collected.

Press Enter and type in your House Number, Street Address and Suburb.

Press Enter again and type in the Payment Method which is either Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

You can then add any comments in the Message box if you need to tell us anything regarding your bin cleaning order.

When you have finished, you would first need to complete the CAPTCHA test to authenticate that you are human and not a robot! Upon submitting your request your order will be entered into our system for processing. Shortly after this we will contact you by either phone or email to confirm your order has been processed and supply you with all the necessary details you will need for your chosen payment method.

Thank you for contacting Wheeliewash!

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